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Holistic Health Coaching

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, "health coaching has been associated with significantly better weight-management success, increased physical activity, improved mental health status, and better management of chronic diseases." Essentially, the role of a health coach is to assist you with your health and wellness process, and empower you to reach your goals. The term holistic simply refers to addressing all aspects of a person, which includes not only body, mind, and spirit but also relationships and the environment in which you live.

As your health coach, I help you identify specific behaviors which may be helping or hindering you on your path to health and wellbeing.  Together, we co-create an action plan to implement behavioral changes that you have decided you are ready to make now. You discover the relationships between your thoughts, moods, behaviors, what you eat, how well you sleep/rest, exercise, work, play - in essence, it's all interconnected. Health coaching (like health and wellness) is a journey of self-discovery, providing you with support, education, motivation, accountability, and compassion. Oh, and humor. Laughter is the best medicine!  

Whether you are struggling with your weight, desire to stop smoking, need more movement and play, or would like help managing a chronic condition, holistic health coaching can help. My programs integrate Western and Eastern approaches, depending on each person's goals and preferences. Ancient wisdom practices involve a certain mindset and behaviors grounded in our connection with the earth and each other. I am happy to share my knowledge of nutrition, exercise science, mindfulness, and stress management techniques with you.

Schedule a brief phone call with me to see if now is a good time for you to work together on your health and wellness journey. (831) 324-5696  Or, email me at

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